This cat bag will give your feline friends a place to call home...

Freehold without 99 years lease!

Dear humans...

Secure this rare cat real estate for your feline friends now.

Cat Bag

It comes fully furnished with a single window and opening on one side.

Inspired by a cat’s natural environment, the exterior is printed with forest green patterns. 

All walls are reinforced with double walled heavy duty paper. Able to withstand minor shocks and provide its occupants with a safe and secure environment to call home.

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Scratch Pad

Each unit also comes carpeted with a fine scratchpad.

Just like how you humans mark your territory with personal artefacts. Us cats, marks our territory with scent glands in our paws.

Scratching release this scent. This also allows us to groom our nails and release feel good hormones.

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As Mr Mitten say,

"A happy cat is a healthy cat." 

This cat bag is large enough to fit 6 full sized cats. The perfect size for a family of cats to live in (if of course they are willing to share).

Cats have a literal love affair with confined spaces. Confine spaces are good stress relievers and it also taps into our primal hunter instincts.


It provides a safe place to stalk prey from and retreat to. Such hiding spaces allow us to watch the world without being seen. And if something interesting passes in front — be it prey or a toy OR YOU — we will dash out to get it. Buyers Beware! 

Now human, for a limited time only, secure this fine real estate for your cat today while it still last.

Cat Bag Details

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Cats love confine spaces. Makes them feel safe and secure.

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Reinforced with heavy duty double walled paper.

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Large opening and windows for your cats to easily run in to.

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Easily kept when not in use. Folds down neatly to store.

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Spacious. Enough space to fit a family of 6 cats. If they want to share.

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Clean green patterned designed. Fits perfectly with any room decor.

Scratch Pad Details

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Provides stability to the cat house so your cats does not run it down like CATZILLA. 

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Allows cats to release feel good hormones. A happy cat is a healthy cat.

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Enables cat to groom their nails. A well kept cat is a cat with good breeding.

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