Hello Human. 
I am Mr Mitten...

Who is mr mitten?

I am Mr Mitten, a connoisseur of fine novel cat toys. 

Here you will find a selection of products made exclusively for the chosen ones.

You will find the most novel of cat toys chosen by me, brought to the attention of humans through the “In-the-net”. 

Now, I am uncertain what that is, or why humans like to name something so hideous. Who would like to be caught “in-the-net”?


None the less, my human underlings advices me that this the best way to reach other humans in Singapore.


For years I had pondered one fundamental question.  


How to bridge the gap between cats and humans?

Thus I make it my lifelong goal to be ambassador of my feline counterparts. To bridge the gap between cats and humans...

From my intensive study on Cat-O-Pedia.


I discovered tools to be humans evolutionary advantage.

Since the ages of primates through the development of stone, bronze and iron tools. To the technological “in-the-net” age today. You humans had always created and relied on tools. 

So...What better way to close the chasm between humans and cats through novel toys.

Tools to bridge the gap between cats and humans!  

Cat Bonding Through Toys

Here you will find a paw-picked selection of products chosen specifically by me, Mr Mittens, to manage and interact with your feline friends.

Form a closer bond with your cat(s) through play. 

So we, i mean your feline friends, could all nibble on cat treats and be merry.


Who is Mr Mitten?

Where are you located?

Where do you ship to?

When will my orders be delivered?

What currency do you accept?

What payment methods do you accept?

Are you a cat?

How do you use the “In-the-net”?

Like how? How do you type on the keyboard with your clumsy paws?

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